Multifunctional sports complex Oudsbergen (BE)


approx. 8.000 m2 GFA
Design & build

The municipality of Oudsbergen has an ambitious master plan for the renovation of the Sports Zone in Opglabbeek. A new multifunctional sports complex will be realized in this Sports Zone, with space for a two level sports hall, a football club and a folk sports centre.

The sports zone is located in the transition zone between the center of Opglabbeek and the forest of the ‘Duinengebied’ further away. One of the green lungs of Oudsbergen.

Thesports zone currently accommodates a sports hall, a football club, a tennis club, a skating rink and a Finnish track. The new sports complex will replace the existing sports hall and football accommodation.


Focus point of the design is the main volume that accommodates the sports hall. The addition of a “collar” around this building volume ensures a reduction in scale, so that the imposing volume of the sports hall is attuned to the small-scale building volumes of the adjacent residential area.

The cafeteria, dressing rooms and the folk sports center surround the centrally positioned sports hall. Carefully chosen facade openings establish a functional and visual relationship between the indoor activities of the sports hall and the outdoor sports activities of the sports park.

The dance halls and the football cafeteria are positioned on the first floor, overlooking the boules and football pitches.

The roof on top of the first floor level has been upgraded to space for sports and accommodation. The ‘open’ staircases are not only an invitation to exercise, but also connect the ground level and the football canteen.

Schema programma_01
Schema programma_02

A robust, maintenance-free material has been chosen for the facade cladding. The sports accommodation will be fully covered with steel facade cladding. To accentuate the base as well as emphasize the dynamics of the building, a variation of different types of cladding are used. The champagne coloured steel sheet facade parts have a random profiling. This creates a variation of vertical lines on the facade. The green accents consist of frames with an infill of steel plates with a repetitive block profiling.

Green frames are also used in the white crown that accentuates the volume of the sports hall. Here they frame a steel white plating with a repetitive block profiling.

The mix of all the above ingredients creates a very beautiful and rich detailed facade.


Making use of the construction materials as finishes for the interior as much as possible was the main principle for the interior of the building. The omission of putting on an extra layer of finishing derives from the idea of circularity, in which the materials used are used as honestly and purely as possible.

Honest use of materials does not have to be boring. By creating dynamic spaces with added and substantiated color accents, interior spaces become pleasant experience spaces.

Creating a homely feeling is an important starting point for the entire building. Restrained grey colours for the floors and a concrete structure create a base to which deliberately chosen colours and ‘warm’ wooden accents are added.