Sports centre Helsdingen, Vianen

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ca. 8.700 m² GFA
Design & build
August 2012 - April 2014
ca. € 14.000.000

Sports centre Vianen is situated directy next to ‘Helsdingen’ lake and will contribute to the experience of this beautiful place in the town of Vianen. By creating a compact building, with it’s ‘feet in the water’, it will become a strong connection with the natural surroundings as well as an important part of the scenery.

The hiking trail around the lake will be extended with piers sticking through the wide reed area into the water, which adds quality to visitors’ experience.


Helsdingen Vianen

The unique character of the landscape and the existing different heights on the location, makes it possible to walk from the entrance square via a long and wide ramp to the ‘zero’ level of the complex which is the heart of the building.

Besides, there is a second entrance (for pupils and staff) which lies lower, due to the natural different heights. This natural condition helps to create a split-level building with a natural connection between the two levels from the entrance area.

The different functions within the complex are connected like a 3D puzzle.

Schema helsdingen Vianen_transparant

The different functions within the complex are connected like a 3D puzzle. By stacking the changing rooms of the swimming pool and the sports hall on top of each other, it is possible to create an efficiently functioning building, which still fits within the existing building plot.

The sports hall will be on a lower level than the swimmingpool, offering the visitors a direct visual interaction with the main functions.

The invitingly large window openings create scenic panoramic views of the landscape.

Sportcentrum Helsdingen, Vianen

The transparent character and understandable structure enables visitors to locate themselves in a natural way. From the entrance lobby there’s a direct connection to the restaurant, with the adjacent DOJO and multifunctional space, the swimming pool and the grandstands with a view of the lower-level sport halls.

Helsdingen Vianen

Because all the main functions are situated next to the facades, there is a functional heart in the middle of the complex. It houses the restaurant, the staff rooms and the installation rooms for the air-treatment. The lower level with the changing rooms of the sports hall and the staff rooms are connected, with a spacious staircase, to the entrance lobby.