Sports hall De Rietlanden, Lelystad

De Rietlanden Lelystad

ca. 2.500 m² GFA
Integrated design
September 2010 - August 2012
€ 3.000.000

The new sport hall de Rietlanden II will form, together with the adjacent sport hall de Rietlanden I and gymnasium, a new lively sports center for the city of Lelystad.

Placing the new hall between the existing structures  creates a new fresh impulse for the center. The new hall adds colourful facades along the existing walls with an open and transparent facade at the end of the block. The new entrance is orientated towards the sport fields with a large transparent facade.

Schema lelystad
De Rietlanden Lelystad

The design has subtle accents, such as facade perforations and shutters that add a smaller scale to the surroundings and open the building to the public. The floor plan has been designed in such a way to create an open and spatially interesting public area between the two halls. This space connects the restaurant and spectator stands and creates visual relations.

Sporthal De Rietlanden, Lelystad