Swimming pool Herzogenrath (DE)


ca. 4.200 m2 BVO
Integrated design
april 2020 - november 2023
approx. € 13.900.000

Alongside the main road towards Aachen, there is a sports park with a spacious football field that is no longer being used. This is the location for a beautiful new ALL-ELECTRIC swimming pool for the municipality of Herzogenrath.

Such a spacious building plot offers possibilities! By positioning the building in the centre of the plot there is space to enhance the green quality of its surroundings.

The old sports field is surrounded by a raised green embankment. As a result, it was decided to accentuate the new swimming pool and place it on a mound. This makes the building a real eye-catcher when you walk towards it.

The green areas surrounding the building have been tastefully designed by our partner Marseille Buiten. In the soft, organic landscape the new swimmingpool is really fully appreciated.

Marseille buiten schets

The building comprises four building blocks that work together like a set of building blocks. By pushing them back or pulling them forward, they contribute to shaping the outdoor spaces and give the building the human scale that is desired for a public building.

Herzogenrath schema verticaal

The façade finishes consist of a combination of fiber cement and steel plates in a warm terra color, making the building really standing out in its environment. The terra-colored fiber cement plates in a mixed range of color tones contribute to the human scale.

The steel panels have a similar characteristic color enhances the pushing back and pulling out effect by executing them as deep frames.


A natural, warm look has been chosen for the window frames. By incorporating this natural warmth into the materialization of the interior, the relationship between the pool and the surrounding garden is strengthened.

Herzogenrath interior

In addition to a competition pool, the swimming pool will have a very special instruction pool with a toddler pool. The instruction pool will have a sloping floor and two full-fledged swimming pools, making it very suitable for swimming lessons.

It also has a wellness area with a jacuzzi bench and massage showers.

In addition to the instruction pool, the wellness area will have a specially designed lounger that continues into the wall and is equipped with light elements. The toddler pool will have attractive play elements that can entertain different age groups!

If you want to go outside after you enjoyed the pools and jacuzzi, you can! The indoor pools have a direct connection to a part of the garden where you can relax on a lounger in nature.

Herzogenrath interior

Specially for this project Studio Gourdin is making a beautiful graphic design that will be reflected in all parts of the building. From the signage at the entrance, the screen around the bathing area and the mosaic patterns in the tiling, they take you on a visual tour through the building.

In addition to swimming facilities and all other necessary functions, the building also has a multifunctional space in the entrance area. This space can be separated from the rest of the entrance area with flexible walls and can easily be enlarged or reduced. Just as suitable for a yoga class, as a meeting or staff party.

The building’s energy is generated entirely by electric heat pumps, supported by a 1,000 square meter photovoltaic system. The CO2 emissions are therefore ‘0’!