Right at home!

S+K kantoor

We have been living in our new sustainable accommodation for over a year now and we feel at home! We chose for fair materials such as concrete, steel and oak. It gives a timeless, calm and yet warm character.

Built with love by Van Baaren Aannemers, who made all oak window frames in their own workshop, it is true craftsmanship! Re-use of the wooden sports floors from our old building now creates the right atmosphere, which is completed by the graphic concept that George & Harrison developed especially for us. The sustainable gas-free installation concept, which we developed together with our neighbors Terberg, ensures a CO2 neutral and comfortable indoor climate in all seasons.

We generate a large part of our energy for the building and our mobility ourselves with our solar installation. Our car park and garden is consciously climate-proof and biodiverse with an innovative open paving designed by our landscape partner Marseille Buiten for MBI. In short, a great place to continue building the future of S + K with our team!