De Binnentuin Rucphen


Together with the municipality of Rucphen, we came up with the solution for the new municipal swimming pool in the unique sports and recreation area De Binnentuin. Charmingly tailored to Rucphen, transparent and inviting for everyone! Indoor swimming turns into outdoor in the summer and the sunbathing lawn is spoiled with a beautiful large spray park!

Execution is expected to start in Q4 of 2021, first we will carefully examine the plans and look for a motivated builder!

An impressive sports accommodation in Middelkerke


In the coming months, an impressive new swimming pool and sports facility of allure will be built in Middelkerke (Belgium).

S+K is responsible for the integrated design for its permanent partner Vita Groep. Cordeel en Hellebrekers take care of the realization. In this accommodation with a large sports hall, a fitness, a wellness and 3 swimming pools, there is an important place for recreational swimming. The place on the coast of Flanders attracts many tourists and in bad weather they should also be entertained.

Especially for Middelkerke, S+K developed, a recreational area based on the history of Middelkerke. A unique project and a unique experience on the Flemish coast!

More information on this project can be found here.

Right at home!

S+K kantoor


We have been living in our new sustainable accommodation for over a year now and we feel at home! We chose for fair materials such as concrete, steel and oak. It gives a timeless, calm and yet warm character.

Built with love by Van Baaren Aannemers, who made all oak window frames in their own workshop, it is true craftsmanship! Re-use of the wooden sports floors from our old building now creates the right atmosphere, which is completed by the graphic concept that George & Harrison developed especially for us. The sustainable gas-free installation concept, which we developed together with our neighbors Terberg, ensures a CO2 neutral and comfortable indoor climate in all seasons.

We generate a large part of our energy for the building and our mobility ourselves with our solar installation. Our car park and garden is consciously climate-proof and biodiverse with an innovative open paving designed by our landscape partner Marseille Buiten for MBI. In short, a great place to continue building the future of S + K with our team!

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