Scheldebad Temse (BE)

Scheldebad Temse

ca. 5.000 m² GFA
October 2015 – September 2018
ca. € 11.500.000

The swimming pool Scheldebad is located in the Schelde Park on the banks of the river Schelde just outside the historic center of Temse. The existing pool, built in the 60’s, is outdated and no longer meets the current standards. Given the poor state of the building, it will be fully redeveloped.

Both the history of the location and the scenic qualities and characteristics of the Schelde Park formed an important starting point for the design of the new Scheldebad, revitalizing the park area.

Scheldebad Temse

When designing the pavilion we took advantage of the 2521 concept. A concept developed with almost 30 years of knowledge in the field of swimming pool design, utilization, exploitation, maintenance and sustainability at home and abroad. In this instance, the design is made-to-measure in terms of location and Belgian regulations.


Scheldebad Temse

A pool according to the 2521 concept provides a 25x21m swimming pool and a small restaurant area. Due to the modular design and flexible construction system, it is possible to easily provide the program in the Scheldebad with an expansion of the restaurant and adding instruction and recreational pools and a gym.


Schema Temse_EN

Embedding the building in the existing park.

Embedding the building in the existing park, together with the programmatic integration, is an important task. Creating large overhangs on three sides of the new building creates a zone where the building and park flow into each other.