2521 Swimming pool Blokweer, Alblasserdam

2521 Zwembad Blokweer, Alblasserdam

ca. 2.900 m² BVO
Integrated design
October 2012 - May 2014
ca. € 4.000.000

2521 Simply Swimming is an innovative concept developed by partners of the KNZB. All instruments were used to create a concept for an extremely affordable and sustainable pool development: an inspiration for all new pools in the future. The name relates to the dimensions of the pool, with a length of 25 meters and a width of 21 meters (an 8-track swimming pool).

The first 2521 swimmingpool will be realised in Alblasserdam, and replaces the existing pool Blokweer. The adjacent sportshall will be preserved.

2521 Zwembad Blokweer, Alblasserdam

The 2521-volume will be placed rotated against the existing sportshall. The rotation creates an outdoor space between the both volumes. By linking the old and the new with a new entrance, the outdoor space becomes a part of the building, and makes it possible to use the building as one new sportscomplex. On the first level the new horeca-facility of the swimmingpool is linked with the spectator stand of the sportshall.

The materials and colours of the new swimmingpool are accurately tuned to the existing sportshall and the surrounding dwellings.

2521 Zwembad Blokweer, Alblasserdam
2521 Zwembad Blokweer, Alblasserdam