Swimming pool De Crommenije, Zaanstad

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ca. 5.560 m² GFA
Integrated design
2014 - 2017

The building is situated on a vast sunbathing area. The outdoor facilities include a 50m pool with a separate diving pool and a shallow pool for toddlers and preschoolers. Toilets and a lifeguard station are combined in a small pavilion.

The indoor pool complex includes a competition pool, an instruction pool and a recreational pool. The unique bear waterslide was designed especially for The Crommenije. It offers a special experience for the youngest visitors.

De Crommenije Zaanstad

The indoor and outdoor functions are located along a main route, which bridges the height differences by a gentle slope and connects all programmatical elements to each other. The existing height differences of the lawn are cleverly used as playful elements, by integrating a diversity slides and streams of running water into the landscape.


De Crommenije Zaanstad

The materialization of the façade is a modern interpretation of local traditional houses. Along with the sloping character, this ensures that the building is embedded in a natural way in its environment.

Together with large “white eyes” window frames and a copper-coloured standing seam roof and a subtle combination of materials and colors is created that refer to the tradition of the Zaanstad region. Due to the height gradient the building blends into the environment in a natural way.

The materialization of the façade is a modern interpretation of local traditional houses.

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De Crommenije Zaanstad

A large number of energy-saving measures is applied, such as high efficiency heat recovery on the air handling units, high insulation values for roofing and cladding, led lighting and low-temperature heating throughout the entire complex. PV-panels are positioned on the lawn and produce energy for the indoor facilities.

High efficiency drum filters for water treatment have been applied: a lower filter capacity is required, which generates significant energy and water savings.