2521 Sports centre Workum


ca 4.700 m² GFA
Integrated design
2016 - 2019
ca. € 6.700.000

The scheduled closure of the of the only swimming facility in the area, was the motive for inhabitants of Workum to organize a citizens’ initiative to engage the community for a new swimming pool and sports hall. The feasibility study and concept design conducted by Slangen+Koenis Architects together with 2521 Simply Swimming has been selected for realization.

The design of the new sports centre is based on the 2521 Simply Swimming concept. The construction methods (building above ground level, prefabrication) in combination with reduced maintenance costs (fewer personnel, sustainable and energy efficient building) convinced the initiative. Operation and maintenance in terms of ‘total costs of ownership’ is being optimized both functionally and financially. Furthermore, the concept meets the current needs of a sports building which is largely run by volunteers.

Schema workum_EN

Different functions within the sports centre are puzzled together in a well-thought-out plan creating a compact volume with a minimal building envelope. The swimming hall including changing accommodation is located on the upper floor whereas the sports hall is situated on the ground floor. The changing rooms of the sports hall and football club are located on ground floor and partially placed under the platform of the swimming hall.


2521 Workum
2521 Workum

The difference in height between street level and football fields is used to create a split level.

A large external staircase leads to the central entrance hall on the first floor overlooking the swimming pool and the indoor sports hall. The restaurant’s large exterior terrace provides a view of the football fields.


2521 Workum

The impressive roof structure of the new sports center creates a recognizable landmark for the new sports complex.

Schema dakconcept Workum

Color scheme and materials of the building are visually connected with the existing buildings in the surroundings. Whereas the ground floor is built up of masonry structure, the façade of the upper floors comprises a metal plating with a rust-colored coating. The impressive roof structure of the new sports center creates a recognizable landmark for the new sports complex.

2521 Workum