MFA Thamerdal Uithoorn


approx. 1.225 m2 GFA
Design & build
october 2019 – july 2021
approx. € 2.200.000, =

A warm welcome in the living room of Uithoorn. Multifunctional accommodation Thamerdal offers space for sports as well as games, music and creativity. Located next to the Het Duet primary school and in the middle of the Thamerdal neighbourhood, the complex is the meeting place for the locals.

The main starting point for the design was to design a fantastic place, a real living room for the community. Inviting and accessible to anyone looking for a space for meetings or social/sports activities. Flexible, comfortable, cozy and above all a great atmosphere.

Schema uithoorn_flexibel gebruik

The program required a closed structure to safeguard privacy and tranquillity. At the same time, this contrasts with the open character desired for a meeting place. By opting for a flexible open structure, you are always welcome to visit. Adjacent to the living room spaces there are spaces which can be closed individually, so you can retreat for peace and privacy.

The building blends into the natural green surroundings that are full of activities that automatically connect to the schoolyard. The new landscape offers space and inspiration for many outdoor activities.

Schema uithoorn_situatie inpassing

The complex consists of two floor levels wherein the living room acts as the warm beating heart. It utilizes the total height of the building by use of a large void, which provides a visual connection between all functions. The kitchen/bar is accentuated by situating it in a lowered zone. Continuous sightlines draw the green surroundings from the outside in. This makes the building even more accessible.

On the first floor there is a pleasant and orderly working landscape. Natural light largely determines the airy atmosphere. There is a clear visual connection between different users on this floor, but also with the ground floor. There is even a view through to the activities in the gymnasium. Seeing each other, stimulates interaction and use!

The materialisation of the exterior is natural, green and fresh. We have chosen materials that are easy to maintain, durable and that age charmingly.


For the closed facade parts a combination of materials was chosen. The white smooth metal rims emphasize the two building layers and enhance the human scale in the building. The modern appearance of these rims is enhanced by the use of surfaces with contrasting and rougher materials. Pinewood cladding is applied in a woven structure and locally the landscape “creeps” up into the facade. The combination of materials allows the building to blend into its surroundings perfectly.

The transparent parts in the façades enhance the appeal and social cohesion in and around the building. Through the terrace, inside and outside merge into one another. All spaces have windows that can be opened and are used as an accent in the large glass openings.

Schema gevels

The materials used in the interior follow the green atmosphere of the exterior design. A wooden finish combined with the wooden support structure, gives warmth to the various spaces. Integrated planting is included in the fixed furnishing elements and is part of the furniture that divides the space.


Colours have been used to accentuate spaces or give them their own identity.

The overall atmosphere is "calm and relaxed" and that provides a flexible basis for further personalisation and change over time.


For MFA Thamerdal, we focused on extremely durable, demountable and low-maintenance materialisation. For example, the facade of the building is made of low-maintenance and demountable materials. By using a smart building system, we save on environmental impact, time and therefore money. In our view, this smart building system, with maximization of prefabrication, also facilitates a sustainable and high-quality materialisation without unnecessary layers: we make more with less!



In the interior, extra attention is paid to minimizing maintenance. The materials are all low-maintenance and, thanks to subtle detailing, also easy to keep clean. The high degree of transparency ensure that the building is very surveyable. This contributes to the reduction of vandalism and therefore maintenance.

In addition to attention to materialisation and reuse, the building is also technically super sustainable. For example, we opted for an all-electric principle which makes the building gas-free and completely energy-neutral. This makes Thamerdal’s living room completely ready for the future!