Sports hall De Oever, IJsselstein

Sporthal De Oever IJsselstein

2.200 m² GFA
Integrated design
April 2014 – October 2015
ca. € 1.900.000

For the municipality of IJsselstein we have realized the design of their newest sports hall. The sports hall is integrated in sports park IJsseloever and is physically linked to the existing clubhouses of the local handball and korfball clubs. In addition to these sports clubs the new facility is used frequently by the local schoolchildren.

The volume with all the supporting functions is positioned in front of the high sports hall. This establishes both physically (same height) and logistically (internal routing) the connection to the clubhouses. The internal connection of the clubrooms and the sports hall creates a versatile sports facility for daytime, evening and weekend hours.



The transparency of the plinth at the front provides liveliness, interaction, social safety and a welcoming gesture. With the re-planting of the trees and the application of half-hardening, wood chips, grasses and tree benches is intended as a soft and scenic welcome.

Den Oever IJsselstein