Swimming pool De IJsselslag, Zutphen


3.600 m² GFA
Design & build
2013 - 2015
ca. € 6.400.000

The swimming pool is located in the Zuiderpark in Zutphen and placed on a low pedestal, following the existing landscape. The pedestal accommodates an artificial landscape which includes the sloping south-facing lawns, bicycle storage and a monumental stairway.

The differentiation in height, plantation and pavement are skirted by a beech hedge, naturally embedding the complex in the Zuiderpark. Another benefit of the high pedestal is the fact that the pools are located above groundwater.

3D model Zutphen

The building volume itself is divided in a transparent plinth and a solid roof volume. Pushing the plinth back in correspondence of the main entrance, creates an inviting overhang.

The pools are organized in a clear sequence (25m competition pool, instruction pool and recreation pool for kids) separated by glass doors. Along the longitudinal side a transparent accommodation area links the pools and creates a strong relationship between the indoor functions and the surrounding park.



IJsselslag Zutphen
IJsselslag Zutphen

In the heart of the building there is a patio, allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the volume while it also functions as a rainwater collector. This restful water garden is a focus point for visitors and users of the pool areas.

IJsselslag Zutphen

For the interior a neutral materialisation was chosen, composed of different shades of grey and anthracite, in combination with a wooden ceiling. This pallet results in a timeless, high-quality finishing of the interior.

The ceiling can be seen from the outside of the building and follows the kinked roof, leading the view to the heart of the complex, the patio with water garden. Fresh color-accents and signage lead visitors through the complex in a natural way.

Zwembad De IJsselslag Zutphen