Swimming pool Simmern (DE)


approx. 2.927 m2 GFA
Integrated design
2019 – 2021 (start construction)
approx. € 9.100.000

In Simmern (Germany) a brand-new swimming pool will be realised. The design is based on the 2521 concept but customised because of specific wishes of the client. The swimming pool will include a 25-meter competition pool with six lanes, a toddler pool with mini spray park and a cafe. Based on the desire to make this a swimming pool for all users and enjoy the pleasure of swimming, a family slide was added to the initial design.

The competition pool can be used in a multifunctional way by means of a movable pool floor and a removable wall over two lanes. The other four lanes have a depth of 3.5 meter so that they are suitable for diving off a 3-meter-high diving board.

Zwembad Simmern

The building consists of a plinth with a massive building volume above it. The materialisation of the facade is based on locally used building materials. In Simmern there are many buildings where white stucco is combined with wood. In addition, slate is traditionally mined in this region. Slate together with aluminium in a warm bronze color forms the refined plinth of the building, while the volume above that plinth is designed as a white sculpture in which the plasticity is emphasized by intricately detailed cuts.

Around the building the gardens are landscaped with lots of greenery. The grounds are paved in such a way that it also offers space for (annual) markets and events. This makes the building and its surroundings a pleasant meeting place.

Schema Simmern_EN

The materialisation of the facade is based on locally used building materials.

Wherever possible, a high-quality finished construction has been chosen, so that no additional finishing is required. This is durable and saves costs. Where a finish is desired, we opted for a lot of wood and white, complemented with warm bronze accents. A reference to the plinth of the building. Together it creates a quiet and modern interior.

For the entrance area upstairs, where the cafe is located, a multifunctional piece of furniture has been designed especially for this swimming pool. Tiling near the toddler pool and spray-park comprises of an appealing colour scheme of blue and turquoise tiles that are laid-out in a gradient pattern from dark to light for a playful effect.

Zwembad Simmern