New municipal swimming pool Aalst (BE)

Nieuw stedelijk zwembad, Aalst

ca. 9.600 m² GFA
Design & build
August 2018 – December 2020
ca. € 25.000.000,-

The new municipal pool Aalst will have a regional attractiveness and a unique (swim)sports program with a 50 meter pool, a diving platform, a 25 x 35 meter pool suitable for waterpolo and scuba diving and a multifunctional sports hall. The recreational pool with over 220 meters of water slides offer an exciting program for all ages. The instruction pool and adjoining wellness area can be connected to either the sports zone and the recreational zone.

The heart of the complex is formed by a spacious entrance hall with a monumental staircase and restaurant with a view of all pools and the surrounding landscape. Offices are available for tenants and pop-up initiaves. The complex also includes a concierge residency.

Nieuw Stedelijk Zwembad Aalst
Nieuw Stedelijk Zwembad Aalst

The elegant pavilion-like building responds to its green environment with a number of accents in the volume. The transparency of the plinth, continuing the landscape of the park on the terrace of the restaurant and the wooden slanted canopy create an optimal interaction between the complex and its surrounding landscape. The details and accents also give the swimming pool a human scale.

The old 50 meter pool was transformed into a new recreational and instruction pool.

A joint façade shell connects all parts.

Aalst schema_EN

The development of the new swimming pool will also give an impuls to the overall quality of the park in which it is situated. The masterplan by Marseille Buiten | ruimtelijk ontwerp embraces and reinforces the existing quality of the landscape en creates new connections making it easier to enjoy the park.

Nieuw Stedelijk Zwembad Aalst

The choice to re-use the qualitative structural elements of the existing pool makes the project a good example of sustainable renovation and circularity. The innovative installation concept, the use of sustainable and natural materials and the optimal use of daylight ensure a minimal use of energy and impact on the environment and at the same time create a warm and welcoming climate and atmosphere for the users and visitors of the new swimming pool.