Swimming pool Het Biljoenbad Velp, Rheden

Biljoenbad Velp

2.245 m2 BVO
Integrated design
April 2018 – February 2020
ca. € 6.100.000,-

A welcoming and representative swimming pool will be realised on the prominent corner of the Reigerstraat in Velp. It will be a functional pool suitable for its varied users.

The local swim clubs will have multifunctional club room in the heart of the new accommodation. Staff rooms and offices are located in the functional zone surrounding the central entrance area with bar.

The entrance, the swimming pool and the adjoining play area are placed on a continuous platform with a consistent look and feel, both in the interior and exterior.

Biljoenbad Velp

The roof structure of the swimming pool is continued above the entrance square to both emphasise the entrance and to make it part of the building. The composition of open and closed façade elements and the visible wooden structure create a warm and playful experience for both the user and the passer-by.

Biljoenbad Velp

It’s clear and transparent lay-out ensure continuous sightlines throughout the building. The atmosphere is largely  determined by the wooden roof structure. Large wooden beams give a warm and natural feel to the whole. The concrete elements, accent colors and signage give the swimming pool a robust and contemporary look.

In the evening the complex lights up. The roof volume has been kept as low and slim as possible. The areas where additional height was needed form a nice accent, giving the building varied appearance from each angle.


The patterns emphasize certain zones and functions.

A triangle has been chosen as the basic shape of this graphic style that can be applied in different ways.

Biljoenbad Velp