Swimming pool De Kûpe Buitenpost


approx. 1.900 m2 GFA
Integrated design
2018 - 2021

The current swimming pool De Kûpe in Buitenpost (Municipality of Achtkarspelen) is outdated and in need of renewal. The new swimming pool will have a 25 x 16 meter pool, which can be used by all kinds of users due to the adjustable pool floor and folding wall in combination with a two temperature system.

The location of De Kûpe is characterized by its location on one of the main access roads of Buitenpost, the Kuipersweg. In the design most public functions have been situated towards this road. By giving the façades as much transparency as possible it strengthens the interaction between the outdoors and the indoors as well as making the swimming pool recognisable for the public.

Schema buitenpost

The building volume has two directional accents, so that the building rotates towards the Kuipersweg. This creates a canopy that places emphasis on the entrance in a natural way. The compact character of the building is enhanced by pushing the roof volume down.

For the materialisation of the exterior façade, the inspiration was easily found. In Buitenpost there are beautiful mansions and characteristic thirties houses, which are constructed of brick and finished with decorative frames. A modern translation of these elements is the basis for the façades of the building.

By choosing a contemporary brickwork in a red brick and combining it with an edge of clean concrete panels, the building gets a modern, warm, and timeless look.


For the materialisation of the exterior façade, the inspiration was easily found.

A modern translation of beautiful mansions and characteristic thirties houses is the basis for the façades of the building.


The interior finishes are calm and natural.

They consist of wooden wall and ceiling panels combined with light floors and light tilework. As a colour accent, a warm dark green colour is used for the restaurant area, changing rooms and showers.


Of course, sustainability also plays an important role in this swimming pool. Unique is the way of heating. The Kûpe is located next to Enitor Primo, a company that produces plastic profiles. The residual heat that this generates ensures the heating of the entire swimming pool. A nice sustainable way of heating.

In addition, the entire roof is equipped with solar panels, a heat recovery system is used, there is a water buffer in which residual heat can be stored and there is LED lighting throughout the building. The combination of all these sustainable measures lead to an EPC of 0.0.