Swimming pool De Kuil, Bodegraven-Reeuwijk


ca. 4.500 m² GFA (excl. outdoor pool area)
Design & build
ca. 4.500 m² GFA (excl. outdoor pool area)
ca. € 12.000.000

The existing swimming pool in sports centre De Kuil is aged and the municipality is in need of a new swim facility. The complex will have a wide range of users, including professional and recreational swimmers and visitors.

In addition to the indoor program with a competition pool instruction pool, toddler zone and unique family slide, the outdoor pool will be renovated with and integrated in a new outdoor landscape with spray park.

Large openings in the façade will ensure optimal integration during the summer. Local and visiting clubs will find a new home in the spacious club home adjoining the intimate competition pool.

Exploded view bodegraven

The location is characterised by the tension between the required openness towards the outdoor area and closedness towards to adjoining residential area. A continues ribbon has been introduced to merge the different types of facades and to incorporate the existing sports hall both aesthetically and functionally. The height of building has been compressed in areas where height is required by the function. The “roof ribbon” accentuates the transition between the higher and lower parts.


Schema bodegraven_transparant

The “roof ribbon” accentuates the transition between the higher and lower parts.

The façade correspondens with the adjacent functions. This means a lot of glass and parts that can be opened on the side of the sunbathing area.

In the façade surface, vertical wooden slats provide a nuance between open and closed parts. What is special about these vertical slats is that they are made of recycled wood. The beautiful silver-grey planks were harvested from a recently demolished sports hall in Almere. The planks have slowly weathered over the years, giving the façade its very own character.


The complex has a very clear structure with a transparent floor plan. The central entrance hall provides access to all areas and functions but also allows for individual use when required. The atmosphere is mainly determined by the visible wooden structure. Areas primarily focused on sports and play are easy recognizable by the use of accent colours.


The well-balanced sustainability concept, includes all-electric installations, the use of sustainable and low-maintenance materials en maximizing the uses of harvested materials. With an EPC of 0,0 and a average GPR of 8,3 De Kuil will become a BENG swimming pool ranking one of the best in the Netherlands.

De Kuil Bodegraven