Sports complex Wiltsangh Nunspeet

Wiltsangh Nunspeet

approx. 8.040 m² GFA
Design & build, Integrated design
2019 - 2021
€ 12.875.000

In 2021 a new multifunctional sports accommodation called the Wiltsangh will be opened at a beautiful location near nature reserve the Veluwe. The accommodation is part of a sports park with an open, park-like character which is surrounded by forests and heathlands.

The new sports accommodation is designed to be a central meeting place in the sports park. The landscape will be set up in a way that it feels natural and fits within the specific nature that the Veluwe has to offer.

Wiltsangh Nunspeet

The building will be partially recessed in the hills of the landscape. This reduces the building its visible volume and size while at the same time creating a natural flow from the landscape to the building.

Next to the sports accommodation there will be an exercise square, which also functions as an entrance area to the building as well as a meeting place for athletes.

Wiltsangh Nunspeet

The building volume can be divided into four layers. The surrounding nature with slopes and hills were used as an inspiration for the design. It created an abstracted design language that creates a friendly building volume. The building has a playful and layered character while keeping the program compact and functional.


Wiltsangh Nunspeet

The façade consists of a combination of masonry and profiled sheet panels. The masonry is executed in three different ways and the profiled sheet panels have various profile dimensions. Together it makes for a dynamic and fresh-looking façade.

Wiltsangh Nunspeet

The nature reserve was the big inspiration for the interior finishes as well. A timeless and attractive basic palette of white and wood is combined with a floor in different sand colour tones. The wood construction enhances the ambiance of calm in the interior.

In addition to this calm basic palette two accent colours where picked. A deep green, inspired by the forests of the Veluwe, is used in several public functions such as a large slide in the swimming pool and stands in the sports hall.

A light pink, that refers to the heathlands, is used in tilework of the recreational pool as well as in furniture, graphics and signage.

The characteristic nature of the Veluwe is used as inspiration to create a playful and attractive recreational landscape.

The layers that characterize the heathlands of the Veluwe have been abstracted into a dynamic bathing landscape.

The recreational pool and the paddling pool are designed with rolling movements at different heights.

In this way, the pool offers a safe playing environment for different age groups.

Nunspeet_recreatie concept

The design comprises various sustainable facilities to realise an energy-efficient and healthy building such as heat pumps, solar panels and high-quality insulation. In addition, and possibly as one of the first in de world, the instruction pool will be chlorine-free.