Sports complex Hellevoetsluis


ca. 8.400 m2 BVO
Design & build, Integrated design
May 2018 – June 2020
€ 13.400.000,-

The new multifunctional sports complex in Hellevoetsluis will house 3 swimming pools, a sports hall, gym and restaurant. The wide variety of users formed the central starting point in our design.

Creating a building within a green environment was the first step in the overall urban concept. “Pressing down” the complex in a number of areas has resulted in a building with a human scale. This has also created a pleasant and varied volume fitting in the overall development of area with the IKC opposite the sports centre and the plans for an adjoining residential area. The kiss&ride zone between the IKC and sports centre has been designed as a running track.


The composition of open and closed façade elements and the visible trusses create a playful and aesthetically pleasing view from the adjoining area and a strong sense of exercising in a green environment. The cantilever creates a welcoming and lively entrance zone.

Eendracht Hellevoetsluis

Within the complex we strongly focused on the relationship between the different functions. The high level of transparency creates a safe environment and also stimulates the visitors participate in sports. The interior materialization consists of the anthracite plinth, a light superstructure and a wooden roof structure.


eendracht Hellevoetsluis

The use of expressive colours the indicate the different functions creates a playful character.

The unique combination of a fortified town and naval port of the historical town centre has formed the inspiration for the recreational pool. The playfully designed recreational landscape sparks the imagination of the children and motivates them to exercise and discover.

Hellevoetsluis_recreatie bad_EN

The fortified town and naval port of the historical town centre of Hellevoetsluis formed the inspiration for the recreational pool.

Swimming pool Hellevoetsluis

The smart functional concept has resulted in a compact volume with minimal energy loss. The use of sustainable materials, optimal use of daylight and the innovative all-electric concept minimizes the energy consumption. This, in combination with the use of renewable energy sources has led to a very low EPC of 0,37 and an average GPR score of 8,7 and compliance with the BENG norms.