Swimming pool De Wisselslag Venlo


approx. 4.320 m2 GFA
Integrated design
october 2021 – march 2025

A brand new swimming pool is being realized in beautiful Limburg. The location for the new swimming pool De Wisselslag in Venlo is a very high quality green area with a beautiful green buffer zone that consists of an open sunbathing lawn and mature solitary trees that are scattered all throughout.

When positioning the building in the planning area, this quality has been preserved and where possible enhanced. The entrance to the site on the Drie Decembersingel automatically places the swimming pool on the west side of the location.

By preserving the trees on the location for the new swimming pool, they break through the rectangular, most optimal building shape.

Schema_inpassing situatie_venlo

The building was cut into separate programmatic blocks and placed them between the trees.

Preserving the trees ensures an exciting layout of the floor plan, maximizing the connection between inside and outside, swimmer and nature. This gives the building a spatial quality that makes optimal use of the existing greenery.

De Wisselslag Venlo

The building comprises of three swimming pools; a competition pool, multifunctional instruction pool, a pool especially for therapy with a whirlpool. The pools can be connected, but can also be used separately.

By placing the swimming pools alongside of the main entrance square, a visible connection is created, which invites the visitor to come in and use the swimming pool. The angular rotation creates a number of interesting volumes between the different pools. Placing the whirlpool in one of these volumes has given it a completely unique character.


The materialization of the exterior can be summarized in four key concepts: connecting roof, monolithic volumes, transparency and visible sustainability.

Both the roof and the base of the building are designed as continuous horizontal lines. With these connecting surfaces, a transition between inside and outside is reinforced and the spaces are mutually connected.

Between the continuous horizontal bands of the roof and the plinth, the volumes are materialized as orthogonal monoliths. These sturdy, robust stone-like volumes in a friendly sand color give the building a timeless character. Floor-to-ceiling large glass fronts in the facades achieve maximum transparency and a relationship with the green park-like environment.

With the green roof as the fifth facade and making the collected rainwater visible, sustainability measures are also visible to surrounding residents and visitors.

De Wisselslag Venlo

The rotation of program blocks, which is prompted by the solitary trees in the planning area, create an exciting interior landscape. The massive blocks in the open spaces ensure that there is always something new to discover. The building will feel like a living room for visitors.

A conscious decision was made not to make a grand gesture, but to go for a subtle integration into the green. The building will be in line with the human dimension and thus feel like an addition to the neighborhood and city.

The color palette consists of different light earth tones that go well with the wooden roof. For the materialization of the solid blocks in the swimming halls an anthracite gray covering with bioLITH tiles was selected.

Materialisering De Wisselslag Venlo

Materialisering De Wisselslag Venlo

The design of a new swimming pool tells sustainable stories! Circularity therefore means measuring, testing and controlling. It starts with measuring and knowing how circularity can be made specific.

For De Wisselslag we aim to make the new swimming pool at least 50% circular. To achieve optimal circularity, attention has been paid to the selected materials and the way in which they are implemented.

For example, prefab wooden roof elements have been chosen, so that no suspended ceilings are required for pleasant acoustics and a pleasantly warm climate. Ecocrete, concrete made from old concrete consisting of 100% concrete granulate was selected and for all concrete elements. Furthermore we also use circular materials in the finishes.

For example, we use bioLITH tiles, PET felt and Honext recycled sheeting.