Sports accommodation Den Donk, Oisterwijk

Den Donk Oisterwijk

ca. 5.200 m2 GFA
Integrated design
April 2018 – July 2019
ca. € 11.650.000

A new multifunctional and sustainable sports accommodation with a 25m swimming pool and spacious sports hall will be realised in Sports park Den Donk in Oisterwijk. The complex will form the glowing heart of sports park and will be a social hub for the athletes and inhabitants of Oisterwijk and its surroundings.

The sports park is located on the edge between the urban area and its agricultural periphery and woodlands. Creating a subtle fitting of the large complex in its green environment formed a critical starting point in the design.

The central cycle route of the sports park runs up to the main entrance of the complex, clearly visible underneath the cantilever.

Den Donk Oisterwijk
Den Donk Oisterwijk

The main entry hall and bar are located in the heart of the building with a maximised view on the swimming pool, the sports hall and the adjoining soccer fields.

A sculptural staircase provides access to the spectators stand of the sports hall.


Den Donk Oisterwijk
Den Donk Oisterwijk

The horizontal divide between the transparent plinth and the anthracite superstructure creates the impression that the building is “floating”.

The wooden structure which is visible throughout the interior is continued in the cantilever creating a warm and welcoming feeling. This in enhanced by the floor to ceiling glass façade which creates a warm glow.

Den Donk Oisterwijk

The integrated total concept and the use of sustainable materials and installations formed the basis for realizing the high ambitions of the municipality. The accommodation complies with the BENG norms, is all-electric, has an EPC of 0,00 and an average GPR of 8,86.

An animation of our design is available here.